Lion of Judah Worship Center

Releasing the Burden–Removing, Yoke–Destroying Power of God, Part 1

We will look at how we have been given the authority to release the burden–removing, yoke–destroying power of God! Spiritual burdens come to destroy our faith, weaken our belief in Jesus, and steal our joy. What excuses are… Read More

What Power Is in the Blood?

We need to understand the authority we operate in, under the new covenant, through the blood of Jesus Christ. What does God’s word say about the blood of Jesus? What did Jesus himself tell us about his blood? Listen… Read More

Touching Jesus

Our needs compel us. Desperation compels us. What are you willing to give up to be near Jesus? When you are ready to be free, the enemy will send obstacles. Are you ready to receive your miracle? Listen… Read More

Establishing Our Confidence

Confidence, simply put, is trust. God is not only real, He is viable in our lives. What if you feel you don’t know God’s will? There is an answer. Listen to this message delivered by Dr. Dowdy on July 23, 2017,… Read More

Stop Empowering Your Enemy

When adversity strikes, many times the first thing we do is blame God. Any thought that God is anything but good, is an evil thought from Satan, and should be firmly resisted. God is not the source of your… Read More

Enforcing the Fear Victory

We need to understand that fear comes from the kingdom of darkness. The goal is that we are no longer held in bondage to fear. It is our responsibility as believers to eradicate fear, by the authority given… Read More

Fight the Good Fight of Faith

How do we fight the good fight of faith? (And how do we avoid fights that are not good?) Listen to this message delivered by Dr. Dowdy on July 2, 2017 with key verses from 1 Timothy 6. Be sure… Read More