Lion of Judah Worship Center

You Have Received an Inheritance!

You Have Received an Inheritance! We have received an inheritance! It’s not just for a specific few people; it’s not for the spiritually elite. What is the inheritance? It’s restoring to us the place of fellowship that Adam… Read More

Changing the Default Setting of the Mind, Part 3

Why is it important that we change the default setting of our minds? What is the default setting of our mind? It is the thought operation system that supplies the energy for our lives. Our minds are very important…. Read More

Changing the Default Setting of the Mind, Part 2

There are many things we can change today: hair, clothes, car, career, etc., etc. But all of these physical changes don’t change who we are on the inside. The default mind setting will come back. We can spend… Read More

Changing the Default Setting of the Mind, Part 1

How do we get our default mind setting? It’s generational, environmental, associational, and educational. All of these tributaries flow into us to create a mindset. These thoughts form ideas. These ideas flowing together form a mindset. Such mindsets… Read More

God and His Word Are One

The Word is a part of God. God and His Word are one. His Word can be depended upon. We have too often placed our trust in man and in institutions—they will fail, but the Word is eternal…. Read More

Return to Sender

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. First, we must recognize the weapon from a distance. As the eyes of our understanding are opened, we begin to see things as they really exist. When we recognize the weapon… Read More

Seeking the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom is where the King has dominion. Those who reside under the King’s dominion are His subjects. The Kingdom of God is a governmental entity. As we receive Jesus, we have the capability to operate under the… Read More