Lion of Judah Worship Center

Will You Be Made Whole?

God wants us fully restored to his original blueprint. Healing and wholeness is available for every situation that impacts our lives. God’s word is health, and wholeness, and medicine. Our emotions can be healed. Our memories can be… Read More

Anxiety Be Gone!

God’s word gives us a powerful message about anxiety (stress and worry) that has major implications on our lives. We can live free of these negative emotions that attempt to take us down. Listen to this message, with practical… Read More

What Things?

What things are we to forget? We need to forget some things before we can press forward. What things? Things from the past that try to control you future. (This doesn’t mean we forget everything.) Listen to this message… Read More

The Joy of Rejoicing

Joy and happiness are not interchangeable. Joy is a force that emanates from within our spirits.  Listen to this message delivered by Dr. Dowdy on September 24, 2017, highlighting God’s word from Philippians 4:4 NKJV: Rejoice in the Lord always…. Read More

Don’t Let God’s Delay Lead to Idolatry, Part 2

Waiting. You have a need. You prayed about the need. You expected God to be there yesterday. You scanned the horizon from early morning to late evening, but you saw no sign of help. Don’t look for someone… Read More

Don’t Let God’s Delay Lead to Idolatry, Part 1

How do we prevent delay from leading to idolatry? Idols are anything that replaces God. We don’t always have idols on our shelves, but we have idols in our hearts. Often it’s those things we give all of… Read More

It’s Harvest Season

When we spend time in the Word, absorbing the Word, meditating on the Word, getting the Word into our spirits, the reward will be the harvest. It will bear fruit. When we want a specific fruit, we plant… Read More