Lion of Judah Worship Center

An Army Loses Courage

We are not to permit fear to reach levels where it shatters our hope, breaks out dreams, where terror takes hold of our vision and future. The antidote is being filled with the Spirit of God, the word… Read More

The Fruit of the Spirit, Part 4

Are you a fruit-bearer? Would you like to be? This is all about maturity, the shedding of carnality. Today’s message looks at Faith, Gentleness, and Self-Control. Faith not only performs miracles, it also gives us an extra-boost in… Read More

Love, the Fulfillment of the Law

When we extend love to others, we have fulfilled the requirements of God. Listen to this message delivered by Dr. Dowdy on February 7, 2016, based on John 13:34–35 (NKJV): “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one… Read More

God’s Weaponry Series, Part 3: The Mind of Christ

God’s Weaponry is not carnal or physical. This is about living overcoming lives. When we are victorious in our own lives, then we can be victorious in the lives of others. This message delivered by Dr. Dowdy of… Read More