Lion of Judah Worship Center

The Power of Fear

The Power of Fear Fear brings torment. (Job 3:25) When you are fearful, anxious, and stressed out, you feel it and it negatively affects you. It’s tormenting. That’s why so many people use substances to get away from… Read More

Types of Prayer, Part 2

Types of Prayer, Part 2 There are many different kinds of prayer. Prayer is not one-size-fits all. Last week, we looked at four of eight types of prayer in the Bible. Those were the prayers of faith, agreement, supplication,… Read More

Types of Prayer, Part 1

Types of Prayer, Part 1 There are many different kinds of prayer. There is the simple petition in Jesus’ name to the heart of love, who is God our Father. There is prevailing prayer that overcomes every obstacle,… Read More

Prayer: Specific or Generic?

Prayer: Specific or Generic? Prayer is the portal through which God saves, heals, and blesses humankind. Specific prayer occurs when we target a specific area, guided by the Holy Spirit with scriptures from God’s Word. Prayer is the… Read More

And When You Stand Praying

And When You Stand Praying Our words have power. Words have power to replicate after their kind. As we grow in the art of conducting spiritual warfare, we find that it is predicated upon the words we speak…. Read More

Focus Faith

Focus Faith When you pray, believe that you receive! We can’t believe that we receive when we go to God in hope. We are hoping. Without faith, it’s impossible to please God. Faith is the substance of those… Read More

He Shall Be Called, Part 2

He Shall Be Called, Part 2 Isaiah’s prophesy was given to the people of God to give hope—a desperately needed hope—that a child would be born to fulfill the Davidic Covenant. God gave the names he would be… Read More