Lion of Judah Worship Center

The Thief Comes to Steal

There is a usurper, a thief who’s job is to prevent us from walking in total belief to God and to God’s word. The thief comes secretly, with stealth. We won’t detect it without spiritual discernment. We must develop… Read More

Healing Hurtful Memories

Painful memories—we push them down, erect boundaries to keep situations from recurring, and sometimes fall into substance abuse to forget them. God’s healing is not only for our bodies, but also for our minds. Take heart, it’s time… Read More

Fear – A Mind Assault

Faith builds up. Fear tears down. Fear comes to short-circuit our faith. God has given us divine authority to speak to the mountains in our lives. This message delivered by Dr. E. C. Dowdy of Lion of Judah… Read More