Lion of Judah Worship Center

Heart Conditions, Part 3

How will we know the condition of our heart? Analyze the symptoms. That is the purpose of this series. We have to make sure God’s word transfers from our mind to our heart. Listen to this┬ámessage delivered by… Read More

Heart Conditions, Part 2: Rocky Soil

Not every heart is prepared to receive the word of the living God. This applies to everyone, including those who believe in God. Unprepared hearts in believers stunts spiritual growth toward maturity. We need to know how to… Read More

Heart Conditions, Part 1: The Wayside

The Wayside has had no preparation for planting. We must continually feed our souls so that God’s word is in our spirit. Hardened soil, the hardening of our heart-soil, happens not only to unbelievers but also to believers…. Read More