Lion of Judah Worship Center

Return to Sender

No weapon formed against us shall prosper. First, we must recognize the weapon from a distance. As the eyes of our understanding are opened, we begin to see things as they really exist. When we recognize the weapon… Read More

Seeking the Kingdom of God

The Kingdom is where the King has dominion. Those who reside under the King’s dominion are His subjects. The Kingdom of God is a governmental entity. As we receive Jesus, we have the capability to operate under the… Read More

Facial Recognition of Faith

Imagine if you were attempting to enter a God-ordained building, and in order to enter you are recognized by your faith. Would your faith admit you or would you not be admitted? Well, consider this: the promises of… Read More

Ask the Father

When we ask in the name of His Son, Jesus the Christ, and we don’t just ask, we receive; and if we receive, we don’t keep asking, but we give thanks to Him, because we know it’s in… Read More

The Helper Has Come, Part 2

We don’t have to go look for the Holy Spirit; He is already here! What does the Holy Spirit lead and guide us into? Maturity. He is the source of truth. We need divine assistance! We cannot do… Read More

The Helper Has Come, Part 1

The Holy Spirit, the Helper, desires to be engaged and involved in every area of our lives! He will help us and empower us. For more insight, listen to this message delivered by Dr. Dowdy on June 9,… Read More

Led by the Spirit, Part 3

What does it mean to be led by the Spirit? God’s Spirit is inside of his children, enabling us to attain the promises of God by faith and patience. Being led by the Spirit is not just for… Read More