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Heart Conditions, Part 2: Rocky Soil

Not every heart is prepared to receive the word of the living God. This applies to everyone, including those who believe in God. Unprepared hearts in believers stunts spiritual growth toward maturity. We need to know how to… Read More

Heart Conditions, Part 1: The Wayside

The Wayside has had no preparation for planting. We must continually feed our souls so that God’s word is in our spirit. Hardened soil, the hardening of our heart-soil, happens not only to unbelievers but also to believers…. Read More


A heart hardened by unforgiveness will not receive answer to prayer. Mountain-moving faith and forgiveness are spoken of in the same context (Mark chapter 11). It takes divine strength to let go of sinful offenses against us. It… Read More

The Anointing to Parent

Some people are biological parents, while others take the role of a parent when they care for others. So this message is for everyone. Learn what it means to be anointed to parent and find what it means to… Read More

Breaking Boundaries, Part 2: Setting the Faith Limits

Jesus said during his earthly ministry, “According to your faith so shall it be done.” Therefore, it is necessary for us to examine our faith levels. Whenever Jesus’ disciples acquiesced to circumstances, he attributed it to their “little… Read More

Breaking Boundaries, Part 1: Setting the Faith Limits

Learn how to find the upper limits of faith-filled prayer. When we say “if it be your will,” we negate the power of our prayers. We must also take care that our faith doesn’t get dissipated by circumstances…. Read More