Lion of Judah Worship Center

Two Images, Part 2: Two Mindsets

Double-mindedness is a mindset within a mindset. One mindset is under the law of sin and death, while the other is under the Spirit of Life. We like to be in control of our lives and circumstances, but… Read More

Two Images, Part 1

We all face battles for control. This happens in our minds on a daily basis, as we choose between Faith and Fear. God has given us power to overcome. We need to focus on the image of God.¬†We… Read More

What Happened to the Things that Used to Make Us Quiver and Quake?

Come out of the land of bondage, because fear has bondage. God wants us out completely. What are the things that used to intimidate us? Fear of man? Fear of Criticism? Do you have cold feet and a… Read More